Hello and Welcome to our New Blog!

We have had a blog on our minds for sometime now and we finally did it! We are so happy to have created this blog where we can keep in touch with you and share some great tips and information. Feel free to comment and share in the comments.

It’s Fall Y’all! Fall is a new season filled with much transition, change (additions, repairs, painting), new sports, letting go, comfort foods, cozy sweaters, hoodies, etc. We are happy to welcome the changes of the season. If you are making changes to your home, location, etc., feel free to reach out to us for assistance, referrals or questions you have.

John and I had a little escape for the day this past weekend while our son was working on his badges for Scouts. We took a walk at Ellis Harbor Park and of course, inspected this old building. Well, John being the expert in home inspecting had a quick look and was on his way. Notice the crawl space. As I was looking in, John said, “Imagine what will come out of that crawl space.” Oh I was good. I did not want to know. lol We have had a little critter stirring in our house and it needs to git. Hoping third time is a charm with this little mouse…my husband has referred to as the Christmas Mouse. Sorry, buddy time to go.

Make sure to prepare yourself for the cold weather, clean your gutters and watch for openings for unwanted guests. Lol.  There is no room in our inn that is for sure. 🙂


As you prepare and clean out, I would like to invite you to two friends’ groups. My friends are from South Shore Women’s Business Network- sswbn.org. They have established help in this department. Lynn Feingold is a Virtual Assistant. She has a group on Facebook that helps with letting go. I joined after I had been doing a big clean out and had almost lost steam. I was happy to come across Lynn’s group. She expresses the realities of letting go, makes it easy and fun. I invite you to her group. You are sure to be made welcome and motivated:


Lisa Dooley is an organizer. She is very familiar with the difficulties of getting organized and getting life in order/back in order. She is very gentle and understanding in her approach. I mean her tag line, “More Space, More Time, More Joy.” Yes, I heard it for years and recently, started to repeat it and it has stuck with me. I invite you to her group. You are sure to be made welcome and motivated here, as well:


As you are purging and letting go of your items, we have a new Thrift Store, Wellspring Multi-Service Center, in our city and they will gladly take your donations. Wellspring Multi-Service Centers’ mission is “to provide support and skills to people facing challenges to their financial, physical, or emotional well-being to help them achieve independence and self-sufficiency.” Win-Win!

I invite you to their page. They would be forever grateful of your support. I will be going there soon!


We are so grateful for family and friends. We are grateful for the memories created and those that we will create. We are so grateful for you and your support.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

We wish you Love, Peace, Kindness and a good nap…lol

Sheila, John and John D